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DWIRA is a Holistic Skincare & Wellness brand providing you with pure potent West African products without compromise, crafted to rejuvenate, nourish and Feed Your Skin and Body.

100% Natural. Pure.Unadulterated

No Chemicals, No Parabens, No Fragrance & Colour Enhancers!

Our Bestselling Hemp Superfood Oil

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We believe in simple, no fuss, no frills skincare like our ancestors! The Essentials routine consists of Cleansing, Moisturising and Sealing twice daily.


A little goes a long way with this natural soap. It's made from a shea butter base and infused with coconut oil and cocoa pods making it ultra nourishing and super cleansing, so don't over do it! It will leave your skin feeling softer and silkier that it's felt in years.

African Black Soap


Shea butter commonly known as Afican Gold and for good reason. Traditionally this butter has been slathered all over  hair, face and body. It's a multi-purpose butter which aids fading stretch marks, scars and evening skin tones. Suitable for all skin types

African Shea Butter


Depending on what your skin likes, you can skip straight to using an oil as a moisturiser on all skin types. Yes, even oily skin! Our Hemp Superfood Oil delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants & vitamins to your face whilst acting as a barrier to seal in all the goodness.

Hemp Superfood Oil

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Feed your skin simple, natural ingredients to help it flourish and whilst you're at it, we're curating the perfect spot to read Wellness and Skincare information & How To guides to ensure you're living a balanced life.

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Based on 43 reviews
Beautiful skin

I ordered the Hemp superfood facial oil, African golden Shea butter and African black soap only two weeks ago and my skin is glowing already. I have really sensitive skin and find it hard to find products that do not sting and flare up my skin. Amazing products, would definitely recommend. Love love love them.


Gorgeous products. The shea butter is really luxurious and smells so good - I'm mixing some in with my everyday body moisturiser to bulk it up a bit and make the shea last, the black soap is already clearing my skin and best of all the hemp oil 😍 my face is literally drinking it and everyone says my skin is glowing. I'm officially addicted!

My skin loves it

This oil sinks into my skin soothingly and doesn’t leave an oily residue on it so my skin is left moistures and smooth. Also it last so long for such a little bottle !

Great stuff

Pricey but worth it, done wonders for my skin, beautifully packages and speedy delivery

Absolutely love it

These products are fabulous. The superfood face oil is so amazing, makes my skin feel amazing and I actually go out of my way to take the time to look after my skin properly now

I can't stop talking about how this soap has transformed my skin, this and the hemp face oil are my favourites.

This is my second order, arrived very quickly and loving it!

Great great soap!

Recommended by a friend and really liking it so far

The key to glowy skin!!

On my second bottle and I will definitely need to get my third one soon, this oil leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated without just sitting on top of my skin it really absorbs well into my skin and it's not thick and sticky which is nice! It also gives my skin a really natural glow. I need a bigger size though lol 😍😍

Excellent product

Love the hemp oil I ordered - it keeps my face moisturised all day.


Listen... These products have changed my life.....!

I came across DWIRA when looking to care for my skin using natural products that were specifically for black skin; I've used a range of products over the years but have come to realise that a lot of products in stores don't work very well for black skin. As a person that grows facial hair... I've always had problems with razor bumps to the point where I have hyperpigmentation in the areas that I shave which has resulted in having very sensitive skin. I've tried lots of different face washes, moisturisers, serums, scrubs, masks, AHA's, BHA's.. You name it, there's a good chance I've tried it. And whilst the skin on other areas of my face has always been good normally, DWIRA has taken my skin to the next level. The soap has worked wonders for the sensitivity/razor bumps and I've noticed a dramatic reduction in bumps etc. Combined with the shea butter and hemp oil (which smell great) I've noticed a big change in how my skin appears - and so have other people too it seems, as I regularly get compliments on how my skin is always glowing. The hyperpigmentation has also started to fade, which is doing wonders for my confidence too. I'll definitely continue using these products.

As for the service, I received timely updates of where my order was in its journey, the items arrived quicker than I anticipated and the presentation was fantastic! It was a great experience overall and I've been recommending these products to all my people. So try these products, you won't look back.

After years I've finally found products that work well for me and I'll never turn back! Thank you DWIRA for these awesome products 🙌🏾.

Just Shea Butter

It was really satisfying to turn the container and see only one ingredient on the ingredients list! Excellent moisturiser. A nice size container, it has lasted about a month for me. There are no added fragrances or anything so don't expect it to smell of anything really.

It works

Wasn't sure if it work for me but glad I gave it a go. I've started seeing results with my dark marks and it's only been 6 days

Does not dissapoint

I've been missing out! I've been meaning to try black soap from Ghana and Dwira's Black soap has not disappointed me

Black soap

I absolutely love this product! Will definitely buy again it smells so fresh and my skin feels super clean

My skin loves it!

I have dry, sensitive skin so have to be careful what products I use but I am so happy with my purchases from Dwira! The African Black Soap makes my skin feel so soft, and I love the Shea Butter! You only need to use a little bit so it will last a long while. I adore the Hemp Superfood Facial Oil. I use three drops every morning and evening and my skin feels so soft and looks clear and healthy! I also love the packaging for the products. I'm so glad I've found Dwira and have already bought more items and plan to keep buying from them!

Amazing product! A little goes along way

This product is amazing I use a few drops after my wash routine and it leave my skin feeling moisturised and glowing. My makeup even seems to sit a lot better on my face since using this product. I highly recommend!

Beautiful product

The oil left my skin looking glowy and absorbed quickly. The bottle was also filled up to the top and is value for money. Would recommend!


Love this brand! The Black African soap and hemp oil/shea butter are doing wonders for my skin. I have been looking for an organic skincare brand for a while and this has really proved to be a new favourite! Can’t wait to try other products from you!


Fantastic to say the least (of it). I don’t know about you but my face feels hydrated and alive using DWIRA Facial Oil. I also tried the Shea butter on my daughter’s skin-Amazing!
Will recommend this to anyone both old and younger.

Fantastic product

This oil is fantastic, it really helps with my rosacea and small itchy red bumps. Also I love the smell 😍

The best skincare I’ve used in years!

The shea butter and superfood oil are my everyday staple! Absolutely love them!

Love these!

I’ve been using the greens for a couple weeks now and feel great and experience less bloating. Definitely will purchase again!

Amazing product

I’ve been using the soap in combination with the face oil and my skin looks amazing. Genuinely the best it’s been in years after taking my skincare routine back to basics. The soap leaves your skin so soft and easily lathers up. I love this brand & can safely say I’m a convert! Can’t recommend enough. Thank you so much!!